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PSG offer single intruder detection camera units for hire

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Property Security Group (PSG) specialise in protecting people, property and assets on construction sites, UK airfields, vacant commercial premises and vacant residential properties.

As well as providing static security guards and dog handler units, PSG offer a versatile range of robust, temporary, portable security camera solutions for hire, tailored to protect property – with 24hr monitoring.

The PSG range for hire now includes single standalone battery powered wireless PIR motion sensors which have integrated colour/monochrome cameras and infrared illuminators. These British designed and manufactured cameras provide rapid video verification of an alarm event using the mobile phone network. They have a range of 15m x 90°

No other equipment such as a base station or alarm panel are required and each unique Visual Verification Camera uses a global SIM delivering over the 3G mobile phone network ensuring there is no ‘queueing’ to deliver video alerts.

Our dedicated web portal has been developed as a fully functioning self-monitoring tool. A host of functions can be configured by PSG operators including arm and dis-arm times, programmable scheduling of a site, sensitivity settings, and, of course the viewing of all events.

This PSG rapid intrusion detection camera also offers affordable security solutions for illegal waste fly-tipping dumping hotspots, suicide hotspots, gas and water utility sites, farms, school or college all-weather sports surfaces, remote outbuildings and allotment sites.

The moment suspicious activity is observed and recorded, alerts are sent to the hirer or their designated local intruder alarm response company. Once triggered, an alarm notification delivers a video clip to the right people within seconds.

Notification of an alarm is sent to all recipients simultaneously and virtually immediately. If no-one acknowledges the notification, it re-sends the notification every 10 minutes for up to 2 hours or until someone confirms receipt.

For an informal discussion about how PSG can assist you in protecting your property, please call Property Security Group on 0207 1124997, email or visit

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