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Security for Demolition Sites

Protecting Demolition Sites with  Construction Site Security Camera Monitored CCTV, Scaffolding Alarms and Manned Guarding

Demolition Site Security Guards
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When planning demolition work, there is a huge amount to consider. Yet thieves, vandals, trespassing youths and arsonists can all present additional problems, whether they carry out acts of vandalism, thefts, arson, graffiti or just the usual antics of inquisitive young people.

But, demolition companies and demolition site managers do not need to over-complicate things.

Property Security Group Limited are demolition site security company specialists recommend three key components to secure demolition sites - each of which can be rapidly scaled up if the perceived threat increases.

Perimeter Security:

  • Parking heavy plant behind gates overnight and weekends to prevent unauthorised vehicles entering site

  • Hire of concrete blocks deployed to secure unused gates and access points.

  • Install heavy duty hoarding rather than Heras fencing which have limited deterrent or security value

  • Solar-powered PIR-activated floodlights to deter trespassers


Monitored Security Cameras:

  • Use solar, with battery back-up, options to avoid reliance on mains power or generators which are unreliable, especially over holiday closures

  • Use PIR-activated security cameras with 24hr monitoring outside of working hours – and deploy wireless cameras to avoid cabling across the site


Traditional security measures to underpin all other measures:

  • Security guards - or security dog handlers for larger or demolition sites under threat

  • Local 24hr keyholder alarm response to avoid reliance on Police support which can vary from area to area, and even from day to day

  • Mobile security patrols in marked vehicles at varied times – with physically check demolition sites and show a security presence (and ensure that on a couple of nights you have more than one patrol so you confuse anyone watching the site)


construction site intruder alarm hire
Property Security Group demolition site security services offer portable wireless visual verification PIR-activated cameras with night vision at affordable weekly rental, including 24hr monitoring.

Since demolition and construction sites, compounds, substations and most outdoor sites are uncontrolled environments out of working hours, video verification is especially important to eliminate costly false alarms, and provide for a quick response to intruders entering the site.


As soon as the PIR detects movement, alerts are sent, together with a short follow-up video clip of the suspicious activity.

4G wireless systems and scaffolding alarms are especially ideal when no mains power is available, as they are self-powered with solar and/or battery power -  and can be deployed rapidly.

We have had many successes in detecting intruders, arsonists and vandals quickly, so that Police and security key holders can attend quickly to minimise damage or loss. - and minimise safety risks to the individuals on site.


These thieves arrived in the early hours of the morning. 

The PIR-activated wireless solar & battery CCTV camera alerted the Property Security Group Limited 24hr control room who despatched Security Alarm Response Keyholder. They also called Police.

Security were on site rapidly and the thieves fled in their stolen car.

But early warning of trespassers on site meant they did not have time to steal anything.

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