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Flytipping detection and deterrent cameras for hire: 4G wireless, bullet or PTZ, inclusive of remote 24hr monitoring - with local security key holder response options

Property Security Group Limited (PSG) offer 4G wireless intruder detection systems for hire - with 24hr monitoring - incorporating wireless security cameras ideal in helping to detect and deter fly tippers. 
Once a PSG wireless PIR camera is activated, an instant alert is sent to PSG 24hr Control Room, followed by a short video clip. This enables controllers to weed out false alarms, such as innocent walkers, picnickers and wild animals. If there is an incident ongoing then we follow pre-agreed procedures which might range from simply recording the incident through to depatching security keyholder response officers.

From just £25 per week, inclusive of 24hr remote monitoring, this is an affordable fly tipping countermeasure.

CASE STUDY 1: Retailer kept getting bins full of fly tipping material and flytipping detection cameras identify one culprit:
A property management company was plagued with complaints from its retail tenants on a small retail estate about flytippers dumping waste and building materials in their skips. PSG installed fly tipping cameras and within a week 

Vehicle and culprit fly tipping identified.jpg
Construction site security: property developer suffers long term fly tipping problems
A building contractor suffered from flytipping  his access drive. Within two days of installing PSG cameras, a fly tipper was detected and referred to Police and the local authority. 
Fly tipping number plate recognition allow Police to trace vehicle.JPG

As well as offering the hire of intruder detection systems to protect vacant properties, PSG are pleased to assist with arranging static security guards, arranging intruder alarm response by SIA licensed security keyholders and boarding-up. If you already have squatters in the premises or travellers in the car park, we can assist with arranging cost-effective Bailiff services - then immediately installing visual verification cameras and intruder alarms which do not require electricity, telephone or broadband connection.

Concrete block hire to prevent trespass, travellers and fly tipping
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