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Night Watchman Security Guards for construction sites, country estates, business parks, warehouses, offices and vacant premises

night watchmen security
security for country houses
night watchmen security
Security Night Watchmen have a long tradition of providing security deterrent and management, protecting the property, assets and its occupants.

Typically, a nightwatchman will make foot patrols of premises but also monitors the CCTV cameras for any suspicious activities. They are a constant deterrent against intruders and can summon assistance very swiftly to deal with any issues arising.

Overnight security guards remain one of the most effective measures to ensure the protection of your premises and personnel.

Today, a property or facilities manager can hire night watch security guards, to protect premises in the UK, from Property Security Group Limited (PSG). These SIA-licensed security officers are well trained and supported by local supervisors and management. They make regular check calls to PSG’s 24hr Control Room to ensure their welfare and diligence.

At weekends and on Bank Holidays, the security guarding cover can be extended to a Security Concierge role during the daytime. Whilst this would primarily be a security role it could also include supervising contractors, supporting lone workers on site, receiving deliveries etc.

Nightwatchman duties are not confined to internal roles. They are often deployed as gatekeepers at industrial premises, as guards for car compounds, construction site security guarding, security for List X premises, as security nightwatchmen for factories, warehouse security guards, protecting country estates, overnight security for residential properties, business park security – and a whole host of other deployments.


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Security Guard Dog Handler Services for construction sites, country estates, business parks, warehouses, offices and vacant commercial or residential premises 

Our fully-insured dog handler units are fully experienced and ready for rapid deployment to construction sites and vacant commercial or residential properties to detect and deter intruders, trespassers, squatters, arsonists and vandals.

They are a visible and audible deterrent to minimise the threats to your business and people which could add costs and disruption.

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Night Watchman Security Guarding Services from Property Security Group Limited
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