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Affordable rapid deployment visual verification camera hire

MotionViewer security camera hire


For what types of premises are the PSG security systems suitable?

Property Security Group UK-wide extensive and versatile range of portable, wireless wi-fi 3G, standalone, monitored, rapid deployment security solutions protect construction sites, civil engineering sites, railway sites, substations, building site scaffolding, vacant commercial and residential premises, redevelopment properties, void properties, remote outbuildings, school and college campuses, garden centres and business parks.


How do you arm and disarm the camera systems?

Most clients prefer to put it on a 7-day schedule for auto arm and disarm. This ensures that, if staff accidentally forget to arm the system after the end of the working day, you know the system will be armed at the chosen times. But, PSG can supply keypads to use on site.


Do I need power to the site?

Property Security Group smart technology systems do not require electricity, wireless, broadband or telephone connection. The 3G SIM card is a global one which seeks the strongest mobile phone signal to use when communicating.


Can I use a PSG system when I also have security guards on site?

PSG can work with you and your security contractor to design the best system.

Typically, the best way of working is to have the cameras to cover perimeter fences, remote outbuildings and areas out of sight; the guard is then notified of intruders.

Alternatively, smaller sites can have full camera coverage with a key fob which the guard uses to disarm the system when conducting a site patrol.

What is the difference between CCTV and Visual Verification Cameras?

PSG temporary, portable, security camera systems are “visual verification cameras”.

CCTV cameras record high quality images which cannot be tampered with, so are usually admissible in Court as evidence in proceedings. The problem is that this evidence is usually only available for review after the event, maybe the next working day. Looking at pictures of hooded individuals a day or two after they have long since left the site may not help you a great deal.

What is the difference between proactive and reactive maintenance visits?

PSG make occasional proactive maintenance visits to check that all is well with systems, possibly to change batteries or adjust settings; there is no charge  for such visits. When the client requests an engineer to attend to move or add cameras, there is a small charge as set out in the quotation.


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