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Protect Your Construction Site with Confidence - Construction Site Security Camera Monitored CCTV Hire and Manned Guarding

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Property Security Group Limited is a security installer and guarding company that specialises in construction site security.

We have extensive experience in supporting construction, property redevelopment, civil engineering, vacant buildings, void property, fly tipping, brownfield and greenfield sites with a versatile range of security solutions.

Our team of experienced professionals are dedicated to ensuring the security and protection of your property. With our cutting-edge technology and security solutions, we provide the best protection for your site.

We offer a wide range of services including:

  • Portable 4G wireless security camera system hire at affordable rates, inclusive of 24hr monitoring - no electricity, wi-fi, broadband or telephone connections required

  • Scaffolding alarm systems hire at affordable weekly rates with 24hr monitoring

  • 24hr Intruder alarm response services to deal with intruders and trespassers

  • Static guards and dog handler services

construction site intruder alarm hire
Portable wireless visual verification PIR-activated cameras with night vision at affordable weekly rental, including 24hr monitoring.

Since construction sites, compounds, substations and most outdoor sites are uncontrolled environments out of working hours, video verification is especially important to eliminate costly false alarms, and provide for a quick response to intruders entering the site.


As soon as the PIR detects movement, alerts are sent, together with a short follow-up video clip of the suspicious activity.

PSG 4G wireless systems are especially ideal when no mains power is available, as they are self-powered -  and can be deployed rapidly.

We have had many successes in detecting intruders, arsonists and vandals quickly, so that Police and security key holders can attend quickly to minimise damage or loss. - and minimise safety risks to the individuals on site.


These vandals smashed a window to gain access to a building under redevelopment. The 24hr Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) despatched the local SIA ACS alarm response company who sent guards to site.

On their way, the guards were able to request Police assistance as the presence of intruders on site could be confirmed in real time.

The youths were detained and processed.

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