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How do scaffolding alarms work? How much do scaffolding alarms cost?

By John Hicks, founder of Property Security Group

"How do scaffolding alarms work?” and “How much do scaffolding alarms cost?” are two questions I have often been asked during my extensive career working in construction site security.

Thefts from building and development sites is a frequent occurrence, but not only is it the cost of the loss of equipment, sub-contractors’ tools, fuel, materials and machinery that worries site management but the delays that such damage and thefts can cause.

There is also the risk of vandals, squatters, graffiti vandals and arsonists as well as thieves to worry about. Scaffolding often provides a tempting route of access.

With scaffolding erected, your construction site could be vulnerable in areas you may not always consider. Your insurer always requires you to mitigate your risk and a scaffold alarm demonstrates this.

Through its specialist scaffolding alarm service (, the UK’s Property Security Group ( offer temporary construction site and scaffolding alarm security camera system hire at affordable rates.

These 3G systems are truly standalone, wireless and do not require electricity, telephone or broadband connection. These can be installed to protect the whole site and/or vulnerable areas of scaffolding.

As far as scaffolding alarms are concerned, a minimum requirement is that your entire first level of scaffolding is fully protected by detectors, this includes the ends of the scaffolding.

However, depending on the size, shape and other factors including flat roofs and adjoining walls from neighbouring properties etc., or telephone substations or street sign poles next to your hoarding, additional detectors maybe required for complete perimeter protection.

Property Security Group’s building site scaffold alarms are manned 24/7 by a monitoring station, so on activation of one of the PIR cameras, a video of the intrusion will be sent to a controller, verified within seconds and a key holder or alarm response company despatched to site.

In the event that that the controller can verify a “crime in progress” then Police will also be advised.

In the meantime, they will activate a 110db Siren with flashing strobe light instantaneously for a duration of 2min. This can be repeated if intruders remain on site – though, in practice, all but the hardened criminal will leave site immediately.

The PSG systems’ sensors have been specifically designed for external outdoor use and the visual verification ability of the security cameras eliminates false alarms caused by wildlife, bad weather and loose construction materials.

Because the security camera system is monitored live immediately a sensor activates, a physical response to site can be organised swiftly. CCTV will give construction site security managers high definition images the next day but, by then, the losses have been incurred.

If the client does not have a local key holder intruder alarm response service, this can be organised, at competitive rates, using PSG’s network of SIA-licensed security providers across the UK.

An onsite keypad allows the supervisor to disarm the device when workers are present. The site manager then can set the alarm at the end of the day and on weekends when scaffolding is unattended. However, by default, the system will arm at set times late in the day to ensure it is fully armed overnight and at weekends.

As a family run business, Property Security Group pride ourselves on our exceptional levels of customer service. We truly care about our clients and their security issues.

So, having told everyone how wonderful this service is, the next question is “how much will a scaffolding alarm system cost?”.

Property Security Group charge £99 per week + VAT for a standard system and this includes the 24hr monitoring out of working hours; there is a modest installation charge and a small collection/removal cost charged at the end of the hire period. Routine maintenance visits are included in the rental.

So, if you need to know how provide the best perimeter security on a new construction site, how to keep a construction site secure or require scaffolding alarms then please call Property Security Group on 0207 1124997 - or email

Editors’ notes:

John Hicks has extensive experience is security and facilities management with particular expertise in electronic surveillance, security of List X high security premises, managing successful manned guarding and key holder service companies, school security, construction site security, protection of country estates and rural security.

In recent years, John worked extensively in developing portable temporary monitored 4G wireless intruder detection and surveillance camera and CCTV systems for remote sites where there is no access to electricity, telephone, broadband or wi-fi. Using battery, hydrogen cells and solar power the systems are affordable, portable and mobile security for construction sites in the UK.

Using this experience, John founded Property Security Group ( with family members to specialise in security for construction sites and vacant commercial or residential property.

Published by John Hicks, founder of Property Security Group August 2020.



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