UK Airfield Security 4G wireless camera hire, monitored 24hr for aircraft hangers, microlights, parked aircraft and remote outbuildings airside

UK private airfield security specialists

Manned security guarding and portable 4G wireless, visual verification security cameras, to protect airfield perimeters, remote outbuildings, external fuel dumps and facilities, aircraft and microlight hangers.

Monitored 24hrs, Property Security Group Limited (PSG) portable alarms help prevent and deter thefts from aircraft hangers, Airfields, Aerodromes, aircraft hangers and microlight storage areas


  • PSG Static Security Guards are security-screened SIA-licensed security officers and well trained – with hourly welfare check calls to our 24/7 Control Room to provide an audit trail of patrols.

  • PSG mobile security patrols make a visible deterrent as well as ensuring that sites, hangers and aircraft are secure

  • 24hr intruder alarm response services enable swift attendance of SIA-licensed security officers to deal with incidents and suspicious activity

  • PSG offer the hire of portable intruder detection systems with visual verification cameras – monitored 24/7 – not requiring electricity, wi-fi, internet or telephone connection. Protecting remote planes, hangers, outbuildings, garages and access gates. Affordable weekly rental charges

affordable security for UK airfields
wireless alarm systems for airfield fuel storage area and fuel bowsers security for private airfields across the UK