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Security for Airfield Perimeters, Aircraft Hangers, Private Landing Strips, Microlights and Parked Aeroplanes, Storage Compounds, Fuel Bunkers and Clubhouse Buildings of your Airport, Private Airfield, Landing Strips or Helipad across the UK

Perimeter security of private airfields, aircraft hangers, outbuildings

Short and long term hire of portable standalone PIR-activated, solar & battery powered, 4G CCTV cameras and portable 4G wireless, visual verification security cameras - with 24hr monitoring & response.

Manned Guarding, Mobile Security Patrols, Security Dog Handlers and 24hr Intruder Alarm Response

UK Airfield Security (a division of Property Security Group Limited) seek to give airfield and aircraft owners peace of mind by protecting airfield perimeters, private landing strips, remote outbuildings, clubhouse and offices, external fuel dumps and facilities, aircraft and microlight hangers.

UK Airfield Security offer tailored-made security solutions which might include a mix of:


  • Static Security Guards security-screened SIA-licensed security officers and well trained – with hourly welfare check calls to our 24/7 Control Room to provide an audit trail of patrols.

  • Mobile security patrols at random times make a visible deterrent as well as ensuring that sites, hangers and aircraft are secure - with waypoint checks to ensure procedures are followed.

  • 24hr intruder alarm response services with swift attendance of SIA-licensed security officers to deal with incidents and suspicious activity.

  • Portable intruder detection systems with visual verification cameras – monitored 24/7 – not requiring electricity, wi-fi, internet or telephone connection. Protecting remote planes, hangers, outbuildings, garages and access gates. Affordable weekly rental charges. 

  • 4G solar CCTV camera hire for perimeter security, fly tipping hotspots, remote gates and outbuildings

security for private airfields
affordable security for UK airfields
wireless alarm systems for airfield fuel storage area and fuel bowsers
Drone Detection and Defence for Private Airfields
drone detection systems

The threats to privacy, security and air traffic from drones is increasing.

From protestors and extremists through to paparazzi and thieves, drones which can be operated on or off-site can present concerns to land and airfield owners across the UK.

John Hicks of Property Security Group Limited, of which UK Airfield Security is a specialist division, says:

"When you learn that drones can observe silently from a great height and then record images even in total darkness, drop tracking devices with precision on vehicles or aircraft, deposit jamming devices on the roofs of buildings then you know that new technology has raised the threat threshold for privacy and security.

The security industry had had to adapt. I am delighted that UK Airfield Security has partnered with technology innovators to develop a range of drone detection and monitoring solutions - for short or long term hire.

Call me on 01256 831838 for a totally discreet and private conversation about how we can assist you address this emerging threat"

perimeter security cameras for private airfields

Contact us now to protect your private airfield, microlights, airfield perimeter, remote aircraft hangers, private landing strips

email    or    call 0207 112 4997 security for private airfields across the UK
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