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Void property inspection services for vacant premises (VOIP)

Property Security Group (PSG) have been helping clients, for many years, to better manage their portfolio of vacant commercial, high-end residential and Country House premises across the UK through affordable weekly or fortnightly void property inspection visits - backed by 24 remote surveillance monitoring.

Such properties are targets for vandals, arsonists and squatters – presenting a very real threat to your investment as well as holding up any development or letting plans you may have for the property.

We inspect your property internally & externally, reporting any breaches or concerns to the landlord or managing agent and recommending actions to rectify the problem immediately and providing you with the peace of mind.

Key optional services available include:

• Securing the property against illegal entry with boarding up and security fencing

• Installing monitored wireless portable, battery powered, intruder, fire and smoke alarm systems, with visual verification cameras

• Securing external doors, changing locks as required, sealing letterboxes and removal of mail

• Replacing or boarding up broken windows on an ongoing basis

• Arranging for removal of all internal and external waste materials, keeping the external areas and landscaping tidy and under control

• Shutting off the gas supply and draining down the water supply (unless an active sprinkler system is installed)

• Shutting off the electricity (unless this is required for viewings or alarms), reading meters

• Giving access to visiting surveyors or meeting and greeting prospective tenants

• Routine property maintenance


With our optional portable intruder detection camera systems, monitored 24/7 by an insurance approved Alarm Receiving Centre and local SIA security company alarm response services, we can help deter, prevent and detect squatters, vandals and other trespassers.

vacant commercial property

Prompt detection  of squatters (video above) or vandals (photo below) using Property Security Group portable wirelesss 3G visual verification cameras enable security guards and police to be on site quickly. In this way, losses and damage are minimised.


As well as offering the hire of intruder detection systems to protect vacant properties, PSG are pleased to assist with arranging static security guards, arranging intruder alarm response by SIA licensed security guards and security dog units.

If you already have squatters in the premises or travellers in the car park, we can assist with arranging cost-effective Bailiff services - then immediately installing visual verification cameras and intruder alarms which do not require electricity, telephone or broadband connection or supplying security guards to protect the property.

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