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Vacant hotel property security

Protecting hotel property with security guarding and temporary 4G solar and battery powered wireless intruder alarm security camera hire

Property Security Group Limited (PSG) specialise in vacant property security that protects empty properties from a range of security threats:












As well as effective security guarding by our SIA-licensed security guards, PSG offer a range of robust, temporary, portable security camera solutions for hire, tailored to protect and monitor empty property, construction, remote outbuildings or rural sites - and which enable you to monitor intrusions 24/7.


PSG security, solar or battery powered, visual verification camera solutions are truly standalone so no power, telephone, broadband or wi-fi connection required!


The external and internal PIRs have integrated cameras which send 10 second video clips upon activation directly to PSG Controllers, a designated Insurance-approved Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) or direct to the client.


If there are security guards based on site, or the client has a local keyholder, alerts and video clips can be sent direct to their smartphones.


An option to arm and disarm the system on site is available - or it can be put on a 7-day schedule for auto arm and disarm. Either way, the cameras will be monitored for activation 24hrs out of working hours.


PSG offer affordable rental hire charges with optional local SIA approved key holder alarm response services.


PSG state-of-the-art technology systems offer:


- Rapid alarm deployment to site, being no cables or wiring to worry about

- Video verification of actual intrusions for crime-in-progress Police response

- Optional direct 24hr monitoring by an insurance-approved Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)

- Optional smoke detection and break-glass sensors

- Colour daylight images with black & white night vision


All PSG services are fully-insured and credible references for our family-owned and run security company are readily available.

Within days of a landlord acquiring a vacant commercial building, intruders were detected on site. Police were unwilling to attend as they claimed that it was a civil matter.
Security guards attended and found that the squatters had left the building to get more items, so they put their belongings outside and blocked the entrance until a boarding-up contractor arrived to secure the property.

As well as offering the hire of intruder detection systems to protect vacant properties, PSG are pleased to assist with arranging static security guards, arranging intruder alarm response by SIA licensed security keyholders and boarding-up. If you already have squatters in the premises or travellers in the car park, we can assist with arranging cost-effective Bailiff services - then immediately installing visual verification cameras and intruder alarms which do not require electricity, telephone or broadband connection.

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vacant property security
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